Automatic Oilfield Workover Rigs

Automatic Oilfield Workover Rigs

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Key Features

  • Designed with a drilling company, first of its kind in China;
  • One-button automated operation with high degree of automation;
  • Reduces labor cost;
  • Decreases labor intensity;
  • Operation is safe and reliable.
  • * fields required

Automatic Oilfield Workover Rigs

In order to solve low degree of work over automation, labor-intensive job dangerous, poor working environment issues, Shengji has developed a series of mechanical work over system, including workover automatic system, minor workover automatic system and snubbing operation equipment.

Oil well workover is a high-tech, high-risk work. The conventional oilfield workover rig has problems such complicated operating procedures and high labor intensity. Shengji, in cooperation with the Shengli Drilling Corporation, have designed an oilfield workover rig automation system.

The system includes double monkey board pipes ranging robot, bolted beam system, machine hand, power catwalk, power elevator, hydraulic chuck, power control and monitoring system. The system uses one-button automated operation. The operation only needs one driller, one wellhead operator and one patrol personnel.

The oilfield automatic workover rig has a high degree of automation adopting modular integration and advanced robot closed-loop control technology. It functions as self-diagnosis, leakage and short circuit protection and fault alarming, etc. It has remote monitoring capability.

The automatic workover rig greatly increases the automation of workover operations, reduces the number of operators, decreases workers’ labor intensity. The technology is advanced, safe and reliable.

Shengji can design and produce oilfield automatic workover rigs according to customer’s requirements.