Drilling & Completion technology and products

Drilling & Completion technology and products

Shengji founded Oil gas and well engineering center in 2014 for plan design, technical and product service of oil and gas drilling, completion and reparation.

Shengji has developed a selective cementing technology, multi-segment completion technology, the expansion sleeve pipe repair technology and other advanced technology.

All the techniques has been formed as figured techniques, and already wildly applied at oilfields.With years of experience in oil and gas exploration industry, Shengji is committed to designing, researching and developing high quality completion tools.

We are a trusted supplier of completion tools such as liner hanger, centralizers and packers for oil and gas production.

All our designs are based on sound understating of crucial technical aspects and problems in this industry. Shengji completion tools are adaptable, flexible and play an irreplaceable role in oil and gas production.

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