Injection And Production Pump

Injection And Production Pump

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Key Features

  • Double usage, steam injection and oil production,
  • Good performance thus a better way to avoiding scaling.
  • High production efficiency.
  • Widely used in the steam injection process.
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Super Heavy Oil injection Production Integrated Pump

In order to increase the production efficiency of super heavy oil, Shengji has designed the super heavy oil injection-production integrated pump. It is another patented pump of Shengji Company. This pump includes barrel, upper and down plunger, travel valve, ball and seat.

The barrel is an integral structure which can be used as one part of the steam injection string; the plunger has a cascaded structure and located in barrel.

There is a sealing chamber installed between the barrel top and upper plunger. In this pump, one operation can achieve steam injection and oil production, so it reduces the work activities and also avoid cold damage of the well fluid. It can be used with VIT tubing and hollow sucker rod. Key benefits include taking full advantage of heat energy, improving safety and guaranteed high production efficiency. For serious scaling well, this pump also has good performance.