Solution Shengji Group Supplied To Partner

Shengji cooperated with more than 10 scientific institutes including China University of Petroleum, SLECC and so on.We have designed series of solutions according to different problems which may happen to oilfield productions.

Typical solution among which are Artificial Lifting Solution for Shell, Supercritical Thermal Recovery Solutions for SINOPEC, Anti-corrosion and anti-attrition solution for Bahrain, COIC Shore oilfield shallow sea thermal recovery development solution and Multiphase flow meter solution for Venezuela MPE3 oilfield .

Top Solutions

Based on experience

Anti Corrosion Solution of Oil Well in Bahrain

Tatweer petroleum is one of the main oil companies and operators in Bahrain. The oil wells in Tatweer have high contents of H2S and CO2. Tubing corrosion problems have been bothering Tatweer for many years. Shengji introduced an EXPE liner tubing to Tatweer in 2014. Since then, the tubing service life has been extended and the operation cost has been greatly reduced.

Multiphase Flow Meter Solution

MPE3 Oilfield is located in the east area of Venezuela. The oilfield produces extra heavy oil with high gas cut. The viscosity of its oil is around 5000CP and gas cut of a single well can reach to 578MPCN. Because of high viscosity, high gas cut and frothy feature of the well production, it is difficult to measure the oil production accurately.

Shell Artificial Lifting Solution

Jinqiu (JQ) block is located in Sichuan Basin, China and the Daanzhai (DAZ) formation is in the geological age of the Lower Jurassic and is considered as a liquid rich shale play with light tight oil or tight shale gas or mixture of both. Hydraulic fracturing is required to produce from the DAZ formation.

Shore Oil Field Shallow Sea Thermal Recovery Solution

Shore oil field is located in the Caspian Sea region, Atyrau City, Kazakhstan. The oil field could be drawn several months annually to prevent wellhead leakage during the operation. The wellhead uses steam flooding recovery method to realize intelligent remote control.

Sinopec Supercritical Thermal Recovery Solutions

In March 2013, the Sinopec Northwest Oilfield Company planned to carry out a pilot experiment on supercritical injection recovery at heavy oil field.  This experiment was a super-high-pressure and supercritical injection recovery test. It was a pilot experiment, thus no experimental data and experience could be used as reference.

Submersible Linear Motor Pump Solution

The submersible liner motor pump was put into use on November 17, 2014 in No. GD1-13-703 well, Gudong Oil Recovery Plant, Shengli Oilfield. The pump setting depth is 1185 meters. On November 18, at 22:00hrs the well completion was finished and run into regular production.