Shell Artificial Lifting Solution

Basic situation of reservoir

Jinqiu (JQ) block is located in Sichuan Basin, China and the Daanzhai (DAZ) formation is in the geological age of the Lower Jurassic and is considered as a liquid rich shale play with light tight oil or tight shale gas or mixture of both.

Hydraulic fracturing is required to produce from the DAZ formation. In the early stage of exploration/appraisal phase in JQ DAZ, 2 wells were drilled and completed in 2013, of which, one is oil dominated and the other gas dominated.

Now, they are both shut in due to lack of natural flow. 4 to 6 more wells are planned in 2015 for further evaluation.

Ground crude oil density of severe 25-35 API degrees, with wax 20%; water 0-15%, water proportion of 1.02, PH 6.5; natural gas relative density of 0.66, including CO22%.

The original formation pressure Jinqiu block 39.38MPa, the formation temperature of 77.5 DEG C, the temperature gradient of 2.4 degrees /100m, 20.68MPa bubble pressure. Design yield was 25.74m3/d.


  1. Low productivity and wide range of production rate
  2. High gas-oil ratio
  3. Wax problem
  4. Small production tubing and tight casing annulus space
  5. Well head and Christmas is high above the ground, more than 2m


In 2015, Shengli Oilfield Shengji Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd., Sinopec Shengli Oilfield Oil production Research Institute and Shell China Sichuan reached a cooperation agreement about shale oil production project.

Shengji Company is mainly responsible for designing and providing the products. Designs include pumping unit, sucker rod pump, continuous sucker rod, production casing and tubing; fully demonstrating the Shengji Company’s technical strength and product advantages.

The specifications are as follows:

Beam pump: CYJ12-42-73HF

Down hole pump: 20-175THM-18-4-2-2

Coiled Sucker Rod:

Ф20, AISI 4120, Grade H, 1100mm

Ф22, AISI 4120, Grade H, 400mm

Ф25, AISI 4120, Grade H, 600mm

Production Casing:

5” casing 21.4” ppf,0-2000m

4.5” 18.9 ppf,2100m-TD

Production Tubing:2-3/8” 4.7ppf, 0-2100m

Artificial Lifting Solution for Shell


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