Multiphase Flow Meter Solution for MPE3 Oilfield


Problem of MPE3 Oilfield

MPE3 Oilfield is located in the east area of Venezuela. The oilfield produces extra heavy oil with high gas cut. The viscosity of its oil is around 5000 CP and gas cut of a single well can reach to 578 MPCN.

Because of high viscosity, high gas cut and frothy feature of the well production, it is difficult to measure the oil production accurately.

Measuring the single well production, is a problem that has plagued MPE3 for a long time. Installing Shengji multiphase flow meter in this oilfield has completely solved the production measurement problem.

Brief Introduction

Due to the complex on-site conditions of MPE3 oilfield in Venezuela, Shengji designed a new measurement solution, which adopts double separators, high efficiency cyclone separating device and weighing method measurement.

The multiphase flow meter has the following characteristics: a wide measurement range, high accuracy and stable operation.

Solution Description

Since the crude oil of MPE3 Oilfield has extra high viscosity, high gas cut and frothy crude oil; it is difficult to measure well fluid accurately.

Before MPE3 oilfield started using Shengji multiphase flow meter, the measurement error of a single well was over 50%.

On an invitation by MPE3 oilfield, Shengji designed the new multiphase flow meter to meet the actual on-site situations of MPE3 Oilfield.

Due to the high viscosity and frothy oil conditions; the flow meter measures oil well liquid using traditional weighing method and gas volume using volume method.

Key instruments of this flow meter were selected from internationally famous brands in order to minimize measurement error.

Key functions of this flow meter include measuring: water, oil and gas accurately. The device is easy to operate with user friendly interface and the measurement results sent to MPE3’s gathering station through on-site mobile signal.

MPE3 calibrated the equipment to the required standards for installation on the well site. The calibration showed that both well liquid and gas measurement errors were within 3%.

The customers were satisfied with the performance of Shengji multiphase flow meter. This helped MPE3 solve the problem of inaccurate extra-heavy oil measurements, they still use Shengji’s multiphase flow meter to date.


Conclusion and Evaluation

This multiphase flow meter was designed to fit perfectly on MPE3 Oilfield perfectly. The oilfield is planning to equip each oil well platform with two sets of Shengji multiphase flow meters.


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