Sinopec Supercritical Thermal Recovery Solution


Project Overview

In March 2013, the Sinopec Northwest Oilfield Company planned to carry out a pilot experiment on supercritical injection recovery at heavy oil field.

This experiment was a super-high-pressure and supercritical injection recovery test. It was a pilot experiment, thus no experimental data and experience could be used as reference.

As a result, most manufacturers dared to undertake the design of this project and a suitable Christmas tree.

Test parameters

Working Pressure: 10000 psi

Steaming Pressure: 5000 psi

Steaming Temp.: 390℃

Working Temp.:  -46℃~390℃

Performance: FF,  PR2, PSL3

Well Depth:    6000m

VIT Depth: 3000m

Hanger Capacity 350T

Design Scheme

Shengji undertook this project and tackled the following four technical problems.

  1. Thermal compensation of casing and dynamic sealing. Shengji chose modified poly four vinyl chloride as the temperature-resistant sealing material; designed the dynamic sealing test device of casing; and selected the V type combined sealing structure.
  2. Load and anti-corrosion of hanger under high temperature and high pressure. The hanger met the requirements of 800ppm of H2S and 100 tons of suspended load at high temperature of 390 degrees owing to the selection of anti-corrosion material and the design of special structure.
  3. Leakage at the connection of flange under high temperature and high pressure. This problem was solved by increasing the strength and diameter of the connecting bolts.
  4. The sealing reliability of valves under high temperature and pressure. To ensure the reliability of valves, Shengji increased the density of the sealing material, used imported high-quality O-shaped ring and designed a special structure of the packing gland.
  5. Conclusion and evaluation:

Shengji had tackled key problems and helped our customer accomplish this pilot experiment of supercritical injection recovery, which is also the first project inboard.

In the meantime for thermal recovery wellhead designing, Shengji also designed many emergency plans, including leakage proof, blow out proof, fire proof, safety evacuation and so on.


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