Variable Centralizer Oil and Gas

Centralizer Oil and Gas

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Key Features

  • Enhanced column centered supportive structure and better zonal isolation;
  • Maintains the flow area of the annulusand annulus equivalent circulating density at an appropriate value – neither too high nor too low.
  • Not stabbing or scratching the walls of the well;
  • Strong load bearing capacity, effectively supporting well’s wall.
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Viriable Centralizer Manufacturer

As a variable centralizer manufacturer, Shengji is committed to solving problems in oil and gas industry. To improve quality of cementing horizontal sections, we have designed an adjustable centralizer that solves all problems in horizontal wells such as unclean wall cake and complications in centered interval casing.

The conventional centralizers are large in size and difficult to install. Also, they easily scratch the wellbore to form a sand plug, especially shale and other unconventional formations.

These centralizers have a limited carrying capacity, making it cumbersome to center. Shengji hydraulic variable centralizers have lots of advantages over these conventional equipment.

Our tool’s outer diameter is smaller than conventional centralizers, solving the difficult problem of conventional stabilizers. Secondly, it will not stab or scratch the walls of oil/gas wells, especially in unconventional reservoirs. Finally, after expansion, its outer diameter is larger than those of conventional centralizers. With our high carrying capacity variable centralizers, it will effectively support the well’s wall and get desired optimal performance.