Wellhead And X-mas Tree Equipment

Wellhead And X-mas Tree Equipment

Shengji has been servicing the oil & gas industry as an equipment manufacturer and service supplier for more than 50 years. It is an API 6A certified wellhead and X-mas tree Equipment Manufacturer.

The design, fabrication and inspection of Shengji Wellhead and X-mas trees are done in strict adherence to API 6A requirements.

Shengji has a dedicated & experienced staff, in addition to exemplary chemical and physical laboratories, which, coupled with inspection and NDT devices, guarantee the quality of the products and consistently propels Shengji to the highest echelons of wellhead and X-mas tree manufacturers.

The DNV-verified PR2 laboratory operated by Shengji was built solely using Shengji’s in-house expertise, and it’s one of the few PR2 certified wellhead and X-mas tree manufacturers in China.

Our products have been exported to USA, Canada, Venezuela, Colombia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Oman and etc.

Shengji has developed a good reputation among its clients due to the high quality of its products.

The Shengji wellhead and X-mas tree has an API 6A standard connection, which makes it easy to install and is interchangeable. Due to its advanced craft, and strict quality control, the wellhead and X-mas tree produced by Shengji has a long service life.