About SJ

SHENGJI GROUP (formerly known as General Machinery Plant of Shengli Oilfield, SINOPEC), established in 1964 and restructured in 2007, is a comprehensive enterprise integrating design, R & D, manufacturing and oilfield services.

Shengji overall floorage is more than 180,000 square meters with more than 2,000 advanced equipments and 1,500 employees. Diversified business covers eight blocks: conventional drilling & recovery equipment, complete sets of thermal recovery equipment, anti-corrosion and anti-abrasion solution, multiphase flowmeter solution, mechanized workover system, EOR (tertiary oil recovery), drilling & completion technology and products, engineering design, installation and maintenance service.

The group owns high level R & D center and National laboratories carrying out strategic cooperation with China University of Petroleum and other several scientific research institutes of SINOPEC. We have obtained more than 100 national patents and been awarded various honorary titles, such as “National High-New Tech Enterprise”, “AAA Grade Credit Enterprise”, “Contract Abiding and Trustworthy Enterprise”, “Top 10 Enterprises of China Petroleum and Petro-chemical Industry”, “Standard Innovative Enterprise”, “Star Enterprise”, etc. By now Shengji has set up 8 subsidiaries and several offices all over the world.

Why SJ Perto Equipment

  • One-stop overall supporting solutions
  •  5 year-long warranty
  • 110 national technology patents
  • Nearly 20 international certifications
  • 24/7  after-sales service commitment

1964: Shengji Group was Founded

With the birth of Shengli Oilfield, Shengji was founded in 1964, originally known as General Machinery Plant ,SINOPEC.

1986 :Qualification for Pressure Vessel Manufacturing

In 1986, the grade I, II qualification for pressure vessel manufacturing was granted to Shengji. Since then, Shengji has totaled 30 years of experience in pressure vessel manufacturing.

1987: Pumping Units Assembly Line

The year 1987 witnessed the start of pumping units production line and Shengji began to manufacture the walking beam pumping units in this year.

1995: Tubing Production Line

In 1995, Shengji brought in the first production line for tubing not belonging to the steel plant, at home. Besides, Shengji occupies the annual production amount of 100,000 ton for all kinds of tubing and casing.

2000: International Certificates

In 2000, Shengji began to expand into international market as it was granted API 5CT for tubing, API 11AX for sucker rod pump and ISO9001 certificates, etc.

Upsetting Production Line for Tubing

Shengji put investment into the establishment of the upsetting production line for tubing in 2000, with 100,000 ton of production amount annually.

2000: Karamay Hong Yang Co., Ltd.

Aiming at the sucker rod pump market of Xinjiang and West Asia, in 2000, Shengji saw the establishment of Karamay Hong Yang Co., Ltd. in Karamay City, the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

2001: International Certificates

In 2001, Shengji acquired API 6A for wellhead & X-tree and API 11E for pumping units.

2001: Tarim Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd.

To extend the Xinjiang market, Tarim Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd., the subsidiary of Shengji, was founded in Kuqa County, the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in 2001 in order to exploit the market of Xinjiang and West Asia.

2003: HDPE Liner Tubing Production Line

In 2003, Shengji was the domestic company which introduced HDPE Liner Tubing production lines. Since 2003, Shengji has provided 8 million of HDPE liner tubing for the accumulative total of over 6000 oil wells at home and abroad. With the HDPE liner tubing, the maintenance period of pumping wells on average is 4.7 times longer than it was.

2003: Pumping Units Exportation

The year 2003 witnessed the first exportation of Shengji pumping units to the Republic of Azerbaijan.

2004: Top Ten Enterprise

Shengji was awarded “Top Ten Enterprise for China Drilling & Recovery Equipment Manufacture” by the China Petroleum and Petrochemical Equipment Industry Association.

2006: International Certificates

In 2006, the API 16A for BOP was granted to Shengji.

2006: Pumping Units Exportation

It was the first time for Shengji in 2006 that the products concerning pumping units were exported to Syria.

2007: Restructuring

Shengji was restructured and reformed to Shengli Oilfield Shengji Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd.

2007: International Certificates

The API Q1 certificate was granted to Shengji.

2008: CE Certificate

The CONFORMITE EUROPEENNE (CE) certificate was granted to Shengji.

2010: PR2 Approval

DNV granted the PR2 Approval to Shengji for its welcontrol equipment.

2011: Premium Screw

Shengji researched and invented the premium screw for tubing.

2011: Steam Injection Boiler

The first oilfield steam boiler was successfully trial-manufactured by Shengji.

2011: Oversea Office

Shengji set up an oversea office in the UAE.

2012: The High Vacuum Insulated Tubing Production Line

The high vacuum insulated workshop was established in Shengji in 2012,  which has amounted to 600,000 meters of annual production.

2012:ASME Certificate

The ASME certificate for oilfield steam boiler was granted to Shengji.

2012: Class 3A Creditable Certificate

Shengji was granted the Class 3A creditable certificate.

2013: National High and New Tech Enterprise

In 2013, Shengji was approved as the national high and new tech enterprise by China’s Ministry of Science & Technology.

2015: Schlumberger’s Supplier

In 2015, Shengji made an agreement with Schlumberger to officially become one of Schlumberger’s suppliers.

2015: Harlliburton’s Supplier

Shengji became a supplier of Halliburton.

2015: SAN JACK Subsidiary Corporation

Shengji founded Sack Jack subsidiary corporations in the U.S. and Kazakhstan respectively.

2016: GE Corporation Audit

Shengji forged the official cooperation relationship with the GE’s audits passed.

2016: Establishment of SAN JACK

Shengji founded a subsidiary corporation named San Jack in Venezuela.