Liner Hanger

Liner Hanger

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Key Features

  • Strengthened sealing performance between upper casing and tail pipe with excellent results, which effectively prevent CO2 gas corrosion;
  • Potential cost saving of the sleeve for exploration and appraisal wells;
  • Easy and quick to seal open holes, old wells or deepen cementing;
  • Flexible way to completion and safer cementing operations;
  • Seals the damaged sections of upper casing (corrosion, fracture, etc.).
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Oil and Gas Liner Hanger

Shengji manufactures both mechanical and hydraulic Liner Hanger. Shengji mechanical liner hanger features a simple operation, with no pitching ball to build pressure. It completes setting through lifting, corotation and placing down.

Applied in vertical and inclined wells, it is a complex completion method combined with multiple sets of tools.

As the oil and gas liner hanger system manufacturer, our hydraulic liner hanger finishes setting by pitching to build pressure. With special tools, the liner hanger and the tail pipe can be sent down into the well’s depth of any design, finishing liner hanger through hydraulic transfer. Shengji liner hangers are widely used in technology and production tail pipe cementing of oil and gas wells, brine wells and geothermal wells. Shengji has improved these liner hangers to produce: sealed liner hanger, a rotatable liner hanger, expandable tubular liner hanger.