Multiphase Flow Meter

Multiphase Flow Meter

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Key Features

  • Accurate measurement of oil, water and gas
  • Friendly interface
  • Easy operation
  • Modular design featuring latest technology in measurement systems
  • Remote data transmission, allowing for real-time data acquisition and digitization of the oilfield
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Multiphase Flow Meter Manufacturer

Shengji multiphase flow meter factory used to be a joint venture company between Shengji and Lanzhou Haimo (a listed company). For nearly 20 years, Shengji, has been designing and manufacturing various multiphase flow meters.

All testing and R&D are conducted in the company’s national multiphase flow meter laboratory. With years of experience and quality testing facility, Shengji has become a multiphase flow meter standard drafter of SINOPEC.

Shengji provides a professional multiphase metering solution for oilfield users. Irrespective of the flow monitoring conditions in oilfields (such as heavy oil, oil with high gas cut, frothy oil and severe slug flow oil, etc); Shengji designs and manufactures specialized multiphase flow meters such applications. The Shengji multiphase flow meter features simple operation, high accuracy in metering, ease of automation, etc.

These flow meters are widely used in domestic and most applications in oilfields. They provide accurate data monitoring in oil/gas production and exploration. Till now, Shengji exports flow meters to America, Columbia, Venezuela, Chad, Oman, etc.

Depending on the specific requirements of the end users, Shengji designs and calibrates every flow meter for the recommended data acquisition process.