Packer Oil and Gas

Packer Oil and Gas

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Key Features

  • Enhanced oil recovery and oil production;
  • Improves well efficiency by staging and production formation;
  • Help finish tiered segment block when water comes out in the later period;
  • Preventing the oil, gas and water from channeling between layers;
  • Improving the fracturing effectiveness of unconventional oil and gas.
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Oilfield Liner Packer Manufacturer

At Shengji, we have two main types of packer oil and gas, which include tube and external casing packer. They are suitable for applications such as water sealing, pocket cement, gas channeling, anti-edge water, anti-gas cut with excellent effect.

Based on the conventional cementing techniques, an external casing packer can be installed between the isolation layers. This results in a reliable and long-lasting separation between the layers.

Due to the varying application requirements in this industry, Shengji packer oil and gas come in different configurations. These include: filling formula everlasting packer, filling compression integrated existence packer, water and oil self-expandable packer, metal cage large hole compression packer (it offers the advantages of both filling and compression, while overcoming their shortcomings),etc. Shengji packer oil and gas is adaptable to high-pressure, resistant to high temperature, allows for future system expansion/upgrade and guarantees long service lifespan.